Daily Views/Charts Update! (9/26/2016)


For right now the daily views/charts update will consist of YouTube views and thumbs up on La’Porsha’s “Battles (Gold Medal Mix)” official audio video.  When she releases music and music videos in the future these efforts will be show in this daily update.  I am sharing this information because in this era of digital music, streaming (YouTube/Spotify/Tidal) is just as important as radio plays and music sales.  YouTube views as well as streams on other music platforms count towards a song charting in the United States.  Please help La’Porsha by watching her video for “Battles” here and giving it a thumbs up!

YouTube Views:

“Battles (Gold Medal Mix)” – Official Audio Video:

Views as of today: 10,438 (+5,794)

Thumbs up as of today: 473 (+190)

You guys are doing a great job increasing the views!  We are so close to getting the video to 5,000 views!  Please watch the video so we can see some improvements for tomorrow’s update!  Here is the link to the video again!


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