La’Porsha Renae Reveals Her Man Crush! (Video)


“American Idol” star La’Porsha Renae took to Instagram to share some random but awesome information to her fans.  I believe I saw this video was part of a larger Periscope Broadcast.  In the video, La’Porsha shares who her man crushes are, and some of the answers might surprise you.  Some aren’t surprising as she has mentioned some of these in the past, but a few of them are way out there.  They kind of make me love her even more though.  Check out the video below.

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La’Porsha Renae Is Hilarious During Studio Breaks! Watch Here! (Video)


“American Idol” runner-up La’Porsha Renae is super busy at work on her upcoming debut album, which is almost finished.  During breaks in the studio, the soul queen and her vocal producer, MAJOR, love to cut up and sing!  So classic of a singer and music lover to be singing even during their break in the studio.  Seems like they have great chemistry which will lead to an amazing album!  Check out La’Porsha’s hilarious behind the scenes videos below.

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“American Idol” Star La’Porsha Renae Goes Vegan!


“American Idol” star La’Porsha Renae is embarking on a new journey in life, and this time it has nothing to do with music.  La’Porsha took to Instagram to share a picture of what she is eat which she has done in the past.  This time, though, she seems to be eating more of a healthy diet.  She posted the following picture with the caption, “Anyone else like dinner food for breakfast? #VeganLife.”  This is a stark contrast from what she usually talks about eating.  Big congratulations to La’Porsha on the new life change, and I hope this means she’s trying to get in killer shape for a tour!  Can’t wait to see her live.  Check out the picture below.

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La’Porsha Renae Releases New Version Of “Battles” For Rio Olympics!


La’Porsha Renae is back with a new song, but you’ve probably heard it before.  The “American Idol” runner up has released a new version of her song, “Battles,” for the Rio Olympic Games.  The new version is titled as the “Gold Medal Mix” and was featured during NBC’s coverage of the Gymnastic Competition.  Check out the new single cover and a link to purchase the song below.

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