La’Porsha Renae Talks About Recording New Album In Essence Festival Interviews! (Video)


La’Porsha Renae worked the press room at the Essence Music Festival yesterday and took some time to give interviews regarding what she’s been up to since, “American Idol.”  Check out the interviews below where she discusses recording her new album and some of the recent performances she has done.  She might even hint at a release day!  Must say I’m loving her outfit in these videos!

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La’Porsha Renae Meets Fans At Essence Festival! (Photos)


La’Porsha Renae performed at the Essence Music Festival today, and she took some time out to meet some of her fans.  So nice to see fans so excited to meet her!  I hope to meet her someday too.

If you have any videos from her performance please send them to me.

Check out the pictures of La’Porsha with her excited fans below.

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Check Out Pictures Of La’Porsha Renae Lighting Up Essence Festival!


La’Porsha Renae is gearing up for her big Essence Festival performance tomorrow by lighting up the press room at the event.  La’Porsha looks radiant, and I love her very colorful outfit.  She even sang the song, “Summertime,” again today.

The Essence Festival’s official Twitter posted a beautiful picture of La’Porsha today as well.


Check out the picture of La’Porsha working the press room below.

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La’Porsha Renae Has Lunch With Blair Underwood In New Orleans!


La’Porsha Renae is having the time of her life in New Orleans; she is in the city for the Essence Music Festival.  Today her record label, Motown Records, posted a picture of La’Porsha with actor Blair Underwood enjoying some lunch.  He is best known for his time on the hit drama, “L.A. Law.”

So nice to see La’Porsha mingling with people in the business.

Check out the picture of them together below.

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La’Porsha Renae Kills Impromptu Performance Of “Summertime” At Essence Festival! (Video)


Now this is what I’m talking about!  La’Porsha Renae is at the Essence Music Festival in New Orleans where she will be performing on Sunday.  Today she was in the press room for the festival and gave an out of this world impromptu performance of the classic song, “Summertime.”  The control and power she has in her voice is so special.  I actually think she’s gotten better since her time on “American Idol.”

I’m very excited to see videos of her performance on Sunday!  I am really hoping she premieres some of her new music.

Check out the video of her incredible performance below.

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La’Porsha Renae Featured On The Cover Of Jackson Expose’ Magazine!



Photo credit: Jackson Expose’ Magazine

La’Porsha Renae is featured on the cover of the July issue of Jackson Expose’ Magazine!  This is so exciting because this is La’Porsha’s first magazine cover; the first of many to come I imagine.  To read the full interview with La’Porsha on Jackson Expose’ Magazine’s website click here!  The interview is a fantastic look into La’Porsha’s life before and after “Idol.”

The most interesting and exciting part of the interview was when La’Porsha mentioned her goals for the future.  It is up to us, the fans, to help her achieve those dreams and goals.  There was not any information about when we will get new music, but I imagine it won’t be too much longer since she confirmed the album is “almost finished!”

This is a great interview and all La’Porsha fans should check it out to support our girl!

What did you think of the interview?  Leave a comment and let me know!

La’Porsha Renae Essence Festival Time and Date Announced!


“American Idol” star La’Porsha Renae will be performing at the Essence Music Festival this weekend, and we now have the official date and time of her performance.  She will be performing this Sunday, July 3rd, at 1 PM at the convention center in New Orleans.  This is so exciting, and I wish I lived near New Orleans!  Please take lots of pictures and videos to send me!  I will post them on the site.

See La’Porsha’s tweet with the performance details below.

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