La’Porsha Renae Visits The White House! (Pictures)


“American Idol” star La’Porsha Renae has been busy at work on her upcoming debut album, but she took some time off to visit the one and only White House in Washington DC.  La’Porsha was joined by fellow entertainers including some of the stars of FOX’s hit show, “Empire.”  She looked beautiful wearing a flowing purple patterned dress.  It looks like she may have performed at the event because the next day she tweeted thanking the band that played for her.  This is just speculation; she may have performed at a separate event.

I wonder if La’Porsha got to meet the first family?  Check out the pictures of her visit to the White House below.

What did you think of La’Porsha’s White House look?  Leave a comment and let me know!


5 thoughts on “La’Porsha Renae Visits The White House! (Pictures)

  1. Janice Janostak says:

    // “This is just speculation; she may have performed at a separate event.” //

    Not just speculation – she performed Halo and Glory at the annual Cinderella Ball
    that evening in DC:
    (She mentions that Michelle Obama is the honorary chairwoman of the event, but I can’t find any confirmation that Mrs Obama was actually in attendance, and if La’Porsha met her or President Obama I’m sure that would have been a photo op so I think that she didn’t meet either of them.)
    Another photo from the morning tour at the White House:

    Video tour of her hotel room in DC:

    Thank you for updating this site, it’s sad that it’s harder to find information about La’Porsha than any of the other Idol contestants this year. Most of them were already recording or performing in some way beforehand, La’Porsha was a true amateur with no previous ties to the industry. I really hope that her management and label gives her the promotion she deserves but they haven’t tried to promote Battles so I fear it’s going to be an uphill climb for the Queen.


  2. Janice Janostak says:

    She definitely performed Glory and Halo that night at the DC Cinderella Ball, a fundraiser for children with disabilities hosted by Grace Gealy and Trai Byers of Empire:
    Videos from La’Porsha talking about the event and her visit to DC, she does not mention meeting the Obamas so I assume that never happened:

    I haven’t been able to find any videos of her performing that night.

    Thank you for updating her page; sadly, it’s harder to find info on La’Porsha than almost any of the other contestants, which is kind of shocking. But unlike most contestants she was a true amateur with no previous recording experience or industry ties; several other AI contestants are back to recording and touring. I hope and pray that her management and label give her proper backing because her talent is tremendous; the evidence so far is not encouraging. Step it up, 19 / Motown!


      • RedSatinDoll says:

        Jonathan thank you for all the updates! I really appreciate it – it has felt at times as though La’Porsha has been “abandoned”, so I’m happy to see that’s not the case.

        I have looked for video of the Cinderalla Ball event and haven’t found any but I will pass on any that I do find. (And I apologize about the double post!)


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