Watch La’Porsha Renae’s Interview With “Reality Check!” (Video)


La’Porsha Renae sat with for a three part interview.  So far only 2 parts of the interview were available to post.  I will post the 3rd part when it becomes available.  The “American Idol” runner-up talked with “Reality Check”‘s Michael Slezak for an in-depth interview regarding, “American Idol,” some controversial comments she made following the show, and her plans now that the show is over.

It is a really great interview that everyone needs to see.  From it you will get a broader understanding of who she is as a person.

What did you think of this series of interview?  Leave me your thoughts in the comments below!


One thought on “Watch La’Porsha Renae’s Interview With “Reality Check!” (Video)

  1. Eunice Norman says:

    I love La’porsha Renae, i’m a big fan of her voice & music. I fill in the industry she will go a long way, she seem to have her head on straight and have the ambition to go in the huge spectrum of what she has dreamed about for all these years. I think her story is a strong one, and can’t be denied for so many peoples in and around the world. Her & her daughter nayalee do have a promising fabulous future. I’am so proud of her. ‘God Bless……


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