“Battles” Writer Who Is Fancy Discusses La’Porsha Renae’s New Song!


La’Porsha Renae’s “American Idol” single, “Battles,” was written by fellow Big Machine Records artist Who Is Fancy.  The singer/songwriter had a hit this past year with superstars Ariana Grande and Meghan Trainor, and now he is very excited about the “American Idol” runner-up.  He spoke to Billboard.com and had the following to say:

“She sings the fire out of that song.  I cried like a baby listening to her because the song is so meaningful to me, and to know that someone like La’Porsha can put her story into it goes to the testament of the song. Everyone has a battle.  “Battles” is a great song for La’Porsha. I have been watching Idol and I know her story and I am so inspired by her.  It makes me feel very honored that somebody gets to sing those words and bring that song to life.”

He also explains that the song is based on the passing of G.R.L. singer and X Factor finalist Simone Battle.  Battle and Who Is Fancy were roomates when she passed away.  He shared the story of the writing process to Billboard.com:

“That was one of the major heartbreaks of my life because I was very close to Simone.  I was living with her at the time.  Battle was such a positive influence on my life and a strong friend to me.  She was dealing with an internal battle that I didn’t know about. I wanted to write the song “Battles” to remind people to always be kind because you don’t know the battles they are going through.  I was in Nashville on a business trip when it happened.  I wrote “Battles” in my hotel room.”

I love the song, and I’m so thankful La’Porsha was given the opportunity to sing it.



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